Word is, you were calling the shots at Tahiry's first KING shoot.

Oh, please. I wasn't in there being the overseer. You know how females bring their significant other [and] it makes for an uncomfortable shoot. I definitely didn't want to do that. I told her before the shoot, "I'll leave if you want.” I trust her 100 percent, and she wanted me to stay.

What'd you think of the outcome?

It turned out amazing. She naturally looks amazing, her shape and her body is definitely one of a kind, naturally. So I anticipate the [cover] shot. I think people are looking for it. And I can't say I blame them.

Have you ever felt reluctant about sharing your girl with the world?

No. I support her in anything she wants to do. And I'm well aware that for guys to look at her and be in awe or be amazed—females cherish that type of attention. Anyone loves that type of attention, as long as it's positive. So we put her on Joe Budden TV, and it turned into a lot of people loving and adoring her, and liking to look at her. And she enjoys it. The second she doesn't enjoy it is the second it will stop.

Did you expect the huge reaction when you first started featuring her on Joe Budden TV?

Well, no. Only because the first couple [videos], I didn't think they did her—or her shape—much justice. But to see her they way KING is able to see her—it's jaw dropping. When people got a good look at her, I expected the people to look at her the same way I did when I first saw her, like, "What the fuck is that? Who is she, in front of me, now?!”

How have things shaped up since you two first met?

Tahiry is the yin to my yang. We're like puzzle pieces; we just perfectly go together. God put my soul mate in front of me, and I'm one of the lucky ones, because everyone doesn't have that opportunity. [We're] really solid, and if I weren't sure of that, she would've never hit the front of a camera. I'm not going to play myself.

Is any of the on-camera action premeditated?

They're not thought about, not scripted. I put one up of her building a trampoline—it's like a soft porn clip. I read some comments, like, "Oh my God, this guy has his girlfriend doing that?” No, that's just what's happening in my room at the time. I'll just turn the camera on and start recording. It's fun for us. And once you get past her amazing figure, I think the dynamic between the two of us is pretty funny. I'm waiting to upload some arguments. That's the fun part! —John Kennedy