I know, I know...choosing to write about Hot Lesbian Action in King Magazine is almost too obvious. I apologize in advance if this comes off as cliche, but I could not avoid the subject matter since I have been listening to Ray Lavendar's "My Girl Got A Girlfriend" song all day long. It's catchy, and it's funny to me, so I can honestly say that I like it. The only problem with it is that it gives guys a false sense of hope. In case you are slow and did not realize that the highlighted title above is a link to hear the track, click here, with your dumb-ass self.

Now, I'm all for making it "do what it do," but despite what Penthouse Forum and the adult film industry might have you believe, walking in on your woman in bed with another lady is not a good thing, for three distinct reasons:

1.) The b*tch ain't got no job if she's home licking chicks in the middle of the day.

2.) There is a real possiblitiy that the only reason she hasn't left you altogether to mess around with women is because of that job you just came home from, or the fact that you don't have to strap on your penis, so you can give her a baby when she's ready.

3.) There is no guarantee that the other woman in bed will be cute, or that she'll even be remotely interested in sleeping with you too.

If your lady is hiding her bisexuality from you, then the odds of you attaining that oh-so illustrious threesome are slim to none. As a matter of fact, that is the biggest misconception among men who go out with bisexual women: Assuming that going out with her means a menage-a-trois is automatically going to happen.

Most of the bisexual women that I know say that the threesome assumption is annoying, and will more than likely doom any chances a guy had for a twosome, let alone bringing in another woman. That's right. It'll be just you and PALMela HANDerson.

The funny thing is, in my limited research on the subject, I've found that almost as many women who identify themselves as straight have had a threesome experience as the ones who identify themselves as bisexual. What it really boils down to, is whether the woman is big on monogomy, or is just plain open to that sort of thing. I would just advise communication, then waiting until the right moment to try to make that threesome happen, if that's your thing.

This has been another public service announcement from your man Leon.