duanedogblog.jpgI've only seen A&E's Dog The Bounty Hunter a couple of times, and I honestly enjoyed the series. But, I have to admit, from the moment I saw Duane "Dog" Chapman, the main character, and his family, I had a sneaking suspicion he was some sort of racist. I know that sounds pretty racist for me to say, seeing as he's white and all, but slap me if you don't agree that any man who looks like him doesn't also look the type to throw around the n-word from time to time.

And was I right or was I right? Recently The National Enquirer posted a phone conversation Dog had with one of his sons who likes girls with that dark complexion. The son recorded the entire rant his father went on, which I have posted at the end of this post, so you all can hear for yourself. But in a nutshell, Dog said this:

It's not 'cause she's black, it's because we use the word nigger sometimes here. I'm not gonna take a chance ever in life...because some fuckin' nigger heard us say 'nigger' and turned this into Enquirer magazine, our career is over...It's not that they're black, it's that we use the word 'nigger'. We don't mean 'you fuckin' scum nigger without a soul', we don't mean that shit, but America would think we mean that.

Well, if this ain't the most fascinating diatribe I've ever heard on the n-word from a white person. Katt Williams has a term for guys like Dog. He calls them dumb smart people. Basically, Dog is a dumb ass for not only his flippant use of the n-word but also for his rationalization behind it, but he's smart enough to know when to use that word and what kind of people will be able to tolerate the word. As a matter of fact, if you really take the time to take apart what he said (and I know not everyone will see this the way I do), what Dog is saying is that he uses the n-word like black people use the n-word, but he knows most black people would never accept this.

I'm in no way, an apologist for Dog. But honestly, what would you expect from a man whose day job is a bounty hunter? Let's be real people, a man in his line of work probably doesn't get to see the best our race has to offer very often. Tell me I'm lying.

But as the media is about to put Dog in the same category as Imus and Richards, I sincerely hope our people find better things to do with their time than march against Dog or protest a show you probably don't even watch. I know I'm contradicting the very thing I just wrote by writing about Dog, but smack you if you thought this post was about Duane "Dog" Chapman and his dumb ass remarks.

I'm just using Dog's remarks as a catalyst to remind my people to stay calm and act like we've been here before. Let the guilty white liberals of the world deal with Dog, because they're the ones who have all the money and to a degree, probably watch his show. What my people need to be concerned with is things like putting food on the table. Once we get that done without the dependency of food stamps and government checks, then maybe Dog's remarks would be good dinner conversation. Until then, let's just turn off our television sets.

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