If Mele Mel has it his way, the former leader of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five will be a legend in two games. Already set to have the distinct honor of being a part of the first rap group inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 12, Mel is now focused on the rap-like world of the WWE as a professional wrestler. Listen to the message. - Interview by Shawn Lawrence James

Mele Mel: Hey man I remember one time I was going to fax over some photos over to King Magazine. I took a lot of sexy photos and y'all took all the sexy girls over me! I'm still kind of tight about that!

KING-MAG.com: Um, we hear you man. Talk about how you got down with the WWE?
Everything just kind of came in place, being that John Cena is the champion and he's into the rap thing so wherever hip-hop is, I would like a presence in the movement. And being that the WWE is the biggest entertainment vehicle there is, that's the perfect place where I belong. I'm gonna get body slammed and have a headache for two weeks but it's going to be something.

What type of wrestler do you see yourself as?
I'm not really heavy on the wrestling skills. On a scale from 1-10 1'll be a 1. Like Hulk Hogan was a 1 but he had the charisma to pull it off. His charisma was a 10 mine is about an 8 and a half. That's going to translate in to a bigger thing because I could sell the game and I could bring a whole new audience into the WWE. That's their thing, they like to bring a different and diverse fan base.

A lot of people are saying that hip-hop is very similar to the WWE these day with rappers, even producers bickering with one another. What's your take on the state of the game?
It's a lot like the WWE but the thing though is that the beef never gets settled. If there's one thing I know about rappers is that nine times out of 10 you are not a tough guy. You are just running your mouth. I could say that because I'm one of the best at it. I never busted a grape and neither did they. They just know how to keep a beef going. That's how they generate popularity, by keeping things like that going.

If you could square off with any rapper in the ring, who would it be?
It's got to be one rapper and that would be the fight of the century: Me and 50 [laughs]. I'll let him beat me too. He'll win and we'll just make a lot of money.

That's ill because you were one of the first rappers to really break into bodybuilding paving the way for folks like 50 and LL . What's your secret for staying so fit over so many years?
The main thing is you got to stay consistent. Thing is, fitness is a lot like hip-hop. I see hip-hop as my lifestyle. Its what I do. You wake up go to sleep eat food, and stay in that gym and stay healthy. Some kind of exercise, if it's not the gym, it should be something else. If I break an arm, I work out the other arm. That's how I do it, by staying consistent.

How does it feel for you to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
It feels great because before that it was kind of like we got overlooked because we got into the game so early. The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame puts a different look on our growth and on hip-hop in general. That's another way for hip-hop to grow and expand. One day Jay-Z is going to be in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but you have to have your first record out for 25 years before you could be eligible to be in the hall of Fame. I know it was just Jay-Z's 10-year anniversary, but no matter how much he does, he would still have to wait 15 years. They just set the level for the type of greatness you have to achieve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's definitely an honor.
What type of music are you bumping right now?
I don't listen to hip-hop right now. I'm an OG cat, I listen to slow jams. I like it to calm myself down. Going out, I listen to all kinds of music. just to study it but I really can't listen to too much hip-hop, it'll drive you crazy. You heard about them boys who let them little kids smoke weed?

I bet they listen to a little too much hip-hop.