The recent string of murders and shootings involving New York City-based drill rappers has caused the city's mayor to request some drastic measures.

On Friday (Feb. 11), New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a speech in the city about what he sees as a direct correlation between drill rap videos and gun violence. He wants to put a ban on visuals from the genre of appearing on social media.

"I had no idea what drill rapping was, but I called my son and he sent me some videos and it is alarming," Adams told the assembled press. "We are going to pull together the social media companies and sit down with them and state that 'you have a civic and corporate responsibility.'"

Adams pointed out Trump's Twitter ban as a previous censorship move done by the platform. "We pulled Trump off Twitter because of what he was spewing," Adams continued. "Yet, we are allowing music, displaying of guns, violence. We are allowing it to stay on these sites, because look at the victims. We are bringing them in, we are going to show exactly what is being displayed and we are alarmed by it. We are alarmed by the use of social media to really over proliferate this violence in communities."

The mayor's speech came less than a week after the killing of rapper C-Hii Wvttz who was shot to death in Brooklyn on Feb. 6. His death follows a spate of drill rapper-connected incidents. Last December, Kay Flock was arrested for the murder of an alleged rival gang member. In late January of this year, Nas Blixky was shot in the head but survived. Also last month, C Blu was charged with shooting a police officer. Earlier this month, 22-year-old TDott Woo was shot and killed.

Fivio Foreign recently tried to shut down talk that drill was the cause of violence in the city. "This the drill community, and I know like, the police and everybody be looking at niggas like niggas is starting trouble, but niggas ain't really starting trouble," he recently told TMZ. "They tryna feed they kids."

See Mayor Adams' speech below.

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