In one corner stood the undefeated New England Patriots (Mike Tyson) who had won 18 straight games, finished the regular season undefeated and had the highest scoring offense in the history of football. Their Hall of Fame coach, though a cheater and their hall of fame quarterback had led them to three super bowl wins in six years and were looking for a fourth, that could possibly crown them the best at their respective positions in history.

In the other corner was a rag-tag group of chronic underachievers, the New York Giants (Buster Douglas) who had somehow won 10 straight road games, including three in the playoffs, to get to the Super Bowl. The Vegas crowd put them at -13 underdogs (the second highest line ever) and many pundits, writers, scribes, journalists (present company included) and "experts" gave them absolutely no shot to win.

But, somehow, Eli (no longer Peyton's brother) engineered as clutch a drive as his opposition, Brady, did against the Rams in 2001. The entire game I kept waiting and waiting for the inevitable Patriots touchdown, interception or sack that would ultimately lead to their victory and coronation as the greatest team ever.

But it never came.

So with all that said -- did New York just pull off the greatest upset in sports history?