Nicki Minaj and Polo G offered some words of encouragement to Coi Leray who was down in the dumps after a clip of her performance went viral.

On Sunday (May 30), a video surfaced of Leray performing at the H-Town Memorial Day Mayhem event at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday (May 29). In the 14-second clip, the crowd appears to be non-responsive while watching Leray’s performance. The video generated a deluge of unfavorable comments from people on Twitter.

In response to the clip going viral, Leray hopped on her Twitter account to vent about the video and felt that she was unfairly attacked by people on social media.

One person said, "The Coi Leray situation in Houston is a good example of why artist shouldn’t do clubs. It’s difficult finding your audience with a bunch of people who just paid to party."

Another wrote, "Lmfao why tf Houston did coi leray like that last night."

In response to the reactions to her performance, Coi wrote in a series of tweets, “The love use to outweigh the hate but now the hate outweigh the love and it’s slowing destroying me. Y’all haters are in my life for a reason, we gon have to just deal with each other. In with whatever smoke.”

"damnnnnn it’s hard being soooo viralllll I swear the the pressure is onnnnnnnnnn ... IM THE PRESSSUREEEEE," she continued.

After reading Leray's disheartening tweets, Nicki jumped on Twitter to defend her performance and offered her support to the up-and-coming rapper.

"Don’t do that. Chin up. Always remember this, when black ppl not fkn w|you #TheyWillBoo," wrote Nicki. "Those ppl were on their feet. That means they may not have known the song, but they were interested in getting to know more— so they were observing u. Charge it to the game & move on."

Nicki's advice must have boosted Leray's spirits. She replied back to the Queen Barbz, thanking her for her words of encouragement. "Thank you so much for this. This means everything and more to me. Wow. I’m speechless. You just gave me so much more hope. Thank you again," she replied in a tweet.

Fellow rapper Polo G also gave some advice to the "No More Parties" artist on Twitter. “That’s always how it b when u 1st come in Compared to when u really blow u gotta block that shit out & keep goin crazy u got it,” the Chicago rapper tweeted.

Nicki and Polo G weren't the only rappers offering their support to Leray. Rhymers Rubi Rose and Asian Doll also chimed in with uplifting comments.

"Y’all gone stop playing with coi like she isn’t a STAR," Rubi tweeted, while Asian wrote, "Awwww I love how we all had @coi_leray back today after seeing her so down even Nicki gave her her flowers & honestly that makes me so happy to see us defending & uplifting eachother especially when we call eachother 'friends.'"

Asian then added, "Got your back forever...Love You More SUPER STAR COI."

Later that day, Coi appeared more upbeat when she jumped on her Instagram Live to address the viral clip and the negative comments from the video. During the livestream, Coi explains that artists receive pressure from fans, but it's but so much that can be done because rhymers will always be subject to opinions and criticism.

You can watch it below.

Find more reactions to Coi Leray's performance below.

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