NLE Choppa has shocked fans with his latest song promo video in which it seems he’s eating dog food out of a canine bowl.

Last Friday (Oct. 22), the former 2020 XXL Freshman shared a video teaser for what appears to be a new song called “Dog Ass Chopstic” on his social media accounts. In the clip, Choppa crawls on all fours like a dog and starts licking water from a bowl. In another shot, Choppa appears to take a couple bites of what can be presumed to be dog food before quickly spitting it out. In other scenes, the 18-year-old rapper is mimicking a dog by sticking his tongue out and playing fetch with a tennis ball outside with his friends.

“I’m a dog/I’m a dog/I’m a treat her like a dog/Feed her to my dawgs/Hit you with that 40, I can’t beat you like a dog,” he raps while performing his canine-like antics in the video.

Elsewhere in the clip, Choppa plays a phone call from a female acquaintance who is listed in his phone contacts as “Another Dumb Bitch I Dogged.”

While the entire song teaser is bizarre, we must emphasize that no dogs were utilized or hurt in the video. Additionally, the rapper-turned-herbalist is an avid dog lover, having adopted a dog named Kingston, which is named after his mother’s birthplace.

However, when the teaser came out, social media users were quick to bark on Choppa’s doggy behavior in the video.

"Dude went from sea moss to dog food Man," tweeted one person along with a facepalming emoji.

"This is cringe asf," wrote another user. "Your way to intelligent and fine for this over weird disturbing ass behavior. We not laughing we dying on the inside. Not your ass pointed up in the air at a dog bowl." She added, "Let us know when NLE Dr. Chakra back," including a blue cap and an emotionless face emoji.

One person actually likes the song teaser. "Song go off," the fan tweeted with a fire emoji. "Lol idk about that dog crawl."

Choppa's mother, Angela Potts, who manages the rapper, promoted the song over the weekend as well. Her post also features the voicemail of a woman, saved in NLE Choppa's phone as "Dumb Bitch I Dogged," who called the rhymer to lament about a disrespectful encounter she had with him. It's unclear if the voicemail is actually real.

Watch NLE Choppa’s full "Dog Ass Chopstic" song promo below.

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