Has there ever been a more disappointing player than Vince Carter?

We're not discussing draft busts like Michael Olowokandi or Darko Milicic, but guys who have shown the ability to be the best player in the game. But, for whatever reason, they fall off the top after only a couple of years and then spend the rest of their careers collecting bloated salaries and only marginally produce.

Steve Francis and Tracy McGrady immediately come to mind. However, they are a little different because both had serious knee injuries that kept them out for a significant amount of time.

I'm not a medical expert, but Vince's jumper's knee was never career threatening, like the microfracture surgery or the tendonitis that McGrady and Francis constantly experienced, respectively. Vince just fell off (regardless of what he did on Sunday against the Boston Celtics or what he does tonight in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals). And he's never–since he played second fiddle to Antawn Jamison at the University of North Carolina–has really wanted to be the guy. He couldn't handle it as a Toronto Raptor, couldn't carry the New Jersey Nets and now will abandon and let down Dwight Howard in the Orlando Magic's quest to make its second-straight NBA Finals appearance.

That's what Vince does, he falls off when you most need him...

Explain to me how someone, who some might argue is the best athlete to ever play in a league that has the best athletes to ever compete, avoids contact and the free throw line as if his life depended on it?

For perspective, Carmelo Anthony, in just seven seasons, has attempted nearly 4,100 FT's. Vince on the other hand, in his 11th NBA season, has only 900 more. And yes, Vince missed a lot of time with injury, but don't forget, Carmelo has played in 75 or less games in four seasons, including the last two.

Ultimately, Vince just doesn't go hard enough. He's not a winner and that's not going to change. Sorry Orlando fans. Good luck tonight...

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