lizzblog_romanceblog.jpgThe title of this post may sound familiar to some of you from either the song "Ain't Nothing Goin' on but the Rent" by the late Gwen Guthrie or from one of the skits in Eddie Murphy's stand up comedy movie "Raw” (Quick Story: I snuck into that movie after telling my mom I was going to see Flowers in the Attic, I heard some things I had never heard in my life, oops I'm telling my age or should I say my experience LOL). The phrase is self -explanatory and some people actually apply it to their everyday lives (When you think about it, "No romance without finance sounds like a catch phrase for a prostitute). Some people even call it the original gold digger song. Let's really think about it: With the economy today, does finance really outweigh love? I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine, he feels like he can't find true love because all women are looking for is a man with deep pockets. I hate when people generalize by using the word "all”. Like "all” men are dogs, etc, etc.

To keep it real, and this can go for men and women, the majority of us do want someone financially stable, that doesn't mean he/she has to know how to run up and down a court or field, or work a catwalk, but they do need to have a J-O-B. I don't blame people for wanting that to be a requirement when it comes to getting into a serious relationship. I'm not talking about the bed hoppers; obviously you won't be sharing a bank account. Sex can be great, but it's no fun when you're sleeping on the floor because everything in your house is being removed because of foreclosure. I think when that special someone in your life is ambitious, it gives you even more will power to reach for higher goals. When you marry someone, two really does become one, and that one includes their bills. My brother refuses to marry someone with bad credit and a good friend of mine didn't propose to his wife until her car note was paid off.  This could be taken as somewhat harsh but hey its reality. Love is love and bills are bills. In this day in time they are going to somehow cross paths.

IMO: When it comes to serious relationships Love should come first, but finance should come in at a very strong second.

"If you know WHY you want it, you'll know HOW to get it. Know the WHY; HOW will come.” Author Unknown