Rita G on…her best feature
I know that I got a beautiful pussy. And I'm proud of that shit. And it's soft, too. When I shave it, it feels like a baby's ass.

Rita G on…sex appeal
I got sex appeal, motherfucker. Yeah, I'm fuckable and I walk with that.

Rita G on…her breasts
My friend accuses me of always wearing shit to show off my breasts, but my tits basically start at my chin. I can't help that every shirt fits me in a way that shows off that cleavage.

Rita G on…tight fits
Man, [my pussy] would break a dick off. You can't even get a toothpick up in that thing right now. And I'm working out, too—doing those squats and lunges and deadlifts. Ah, man you would get broke off if you tried to go up in that.

Rita G on…feminine charm
I have a specific shirt that I wear to get my car fixed. I call it my "going-to-get-my-car-fixed shirt." It shows the most amount of cleavage it can show without showing the nipple. It will just draw you in, in a powerful way. When you have that kind of distraction going on, people start agreeing to things that you say without listening real close and they see things your way.

Rita G on…jealousy
I'm jealous that I will never know what it's like to fuck me. Put it like that. I would want to get up in there, 'cause my shit is good as a motherfucker