Musiq makes a return to the neglected R&B/Soul scene the same way he came in – as a friend in disguise. "Buddy” – a catchy and polite ode to casual sex and friendship – samples Tanaa Gardner's classic "Heartbreak” bass line, but the concept of the record is a play off De La Soul's infamous sex anthem of the same name. The record is traditional Musiq: light, playful, and perfect for rolling around on Saturday night's at the skating rink. But underneath the innocent hook (It would be fly/if you were my b-u-d-d-y), there's talks of "arranged visits” at his place or her place and explanations of a buddy being an "equal beneficial arrangement”. Yeah, it might be passive aggressive, but some girls just need to feel like their special, even if they're only your buddy. – Jozen Cummings

Buddy - Musiq

The original version of Lloyd's "You” featured two verses from the self-proclaimed best rapper alive, but the remix features two rappers who need not make such childish boasts to be placed at the top. Over a lush sample of P.M. Dawn's "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”, Andre 3000 takes the first sixteen with a choppy but brilliant story about meeting a girl at Whole Foods, because you know, he is a vegetarian. Unfortunately, Lloyd's singing is still the same nasally drip he considers a voice, but taking it down to a whisper almost makes it forgivable. But the track's high moment is Nas who's talking about spitting Guiness at a chick, and creeping around with her "low key like a Baritone”. With a can't-lose sample and an epic pairing of Andre Benjamin and Nasir Jones, backpackers and R&B heads will come together as one. – J.C.

You - Lloyd Feat. Andre 3000 and Nas