On hardcore rap and it's influence:
"Of all of hip-hop's genres, hardcore has been going the longest. The first rap record Eminem ever heard was "Reckless,” and to me that's an honor. I call Eminem the bastard son of a thousand gangsta rappers.

”On his diverse career:
"I spread myself across the culture with Body Count, Law and Order and Pimps Up, Ho's Down. New Jack City [made me] the first big rapper to go into acting. I've already done more than I ever expected to do, so I'm just rolling with it.”

On Pimping:
"Pimping is very flamboyant, and every cat would like to say that he can pimp something. It's a mind game. It's easier to rob banks.”

On his legacy:
"I'm not a religious person, but I've been blessed to be loved and respected. It comes from talking truthful. The average person can hear bullshit a mile away. That's the essence of my success. But I brainstorm. Every day I'm setting up a million plots to try and get some paper. I'm a hustler.”.