Aiight, don't really know if anyone is listening(1), but it'll only take a few strong arguments to convince me to do what Spike says(2).

Basically, this whole MySpace thing is the oldest latest phenomenon, and I ain't still hopped up on the bandwagon. The reason? The shit looks like a big cyber orgy where no one wears protection. But at the same time, that orgy got a lot of bad chicks on there, and probably a couple I smashed myself who, for better or worse, I might need to get back in touch with. Feel me?

Not to say I'm into Internet dating(3) but hey, any idiot with a computer knows, MySpace is the biggest thing since pockets on pants and seems to be used for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with finding some cyber trim.

Basically, I've been trying to ignore all the pleasant sounding moans about MySpace for a minute but lately the shit's looking pretty tempting.
Can someone please tell me why I should(n't)? And leave the reasons in the comment section. I really need some advice on this because it could be the best or worst move of my online existence and I want to hear it straight from the keyboards of those who know.

Keep in mind:

- I'm not in need of a record deal

- Nor a blog

- Nor a girlfriend or jump-off

Hit me in the comments


(1) Consider this: 3 posts, 3 comments. Yeah, I seriously doubt anyone is listening.
(2) The Right Thing
(3) Way too smoove for that route, my ninja. Way. Too. Smoove.