Usher: Yo, Omarion, you think I can get on that remix to "Ice Box”?

Omarion: Umm, don't you know how to say hello? We've never even talked. How'd you get my number?

Usher: Oh my bad. Let me start over. Hello, Omarion

Omarion: What's up, Ush?

Usher: What's good with you? I got your number from the phone book, your mom's number is still listed and word is, you still stay with her, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Omarion:Yeah, but I'm about to get my own crib though. Me and CHRIS STOKES!

Usher: Yeah, I know how that is. I moved out of my mom's crib and moved in with Puff, when I was trying to get started back in the day.

Omarion: Right, I read about that in Word Up! Magazine. Anyway, what's up?

Usher: This "Ice Box” track you did with Timbaland, yo, it's crazy!

Omarion: Oh yeah, you like that? Did it in one take.

Usher: Word? I didn't even know Timbaland was working with black singers anymore.

Omarion: He wasn't, but Justin Timberlake didn't want the "Ice Box” beat. Neither did Nelly Furtado. Then, I think Jay-Z was going to give it to his girl, because it was too pop for him…A whole bunch of stuff happened.

Usher: Oh okay, well I gotta get on the remix.

Omarion: Word? I don't know about two dudes singing together.

Usher: Two things: First, I'm your idol, and you know that. Two: Weren't you in a group with five dudes singing?

Omarion: Yeah, you got me. But still…

Usher: Relax, no one's gonna trip. I just need to remind these fools that I'm better than Justin Timberlake.

Omarion: Is that what this is about?

Usher: Yeah and the check.

Omarion: Well, let's get it then. I guess we just go in the studio and write our parts.

Usher: Relax homie, I already have our parts written. We're straight.

Omarion: Oh okay, think we should tell Timbaland?

Usher: Naw, keep this on the low.

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