For some reason the fine people at decided to give me this space to talk about sports. That's cool and I'm glad they did, so before we
get down to the sometimes dirty business of bantering about athletics, here are 10 rules that guide my sports world:

1) ACC basketball is king and it's not even close.
2) SEC football was, is and will always be the best football in the country.
3) Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all-time.
4) Spelling "Krzyzewski" right is something that I will never learn, nor want to.
5) There will never be another Michael Jordan so we should stop looking, Kobe Bryant is about as close as we'll ever come and he sure isn't MJ.
6) We all have our vices -- mine is an addiction to Nike gear.
7) Ken Griffey Jr. is the best baseball player I've ever seen.
8) Freshman point guards do not win NCAA championships
9) The best game I've ever watched was the 2006 Rose Bowl.
10) Roy Williams, the former Mr. Kelly Rowland, is the most overrated player in NFL history.

Who am I? I adore my family, friends, music, Carolina sports, Jordan Brand, my apartment, roasted chicken andOutback cheese fries. I don't like big cities but I don't want to live in towns my whole life. I don't know when to shut my mouth but I leave plenty unspoken. I am a mess of contradictions but it all makes sense to me - usually. My name is Sherrell McMillan.