Politics has officially regained its swagger. With heated rivalries, scathing trash talk, and unpredictable momentum swings, the 2008 presidential primary season is more exciting than a Final Four finish. Shocking results in the lead-off Iowa caucuses have given Illinois Senator Barack Obama an edge on the Democratic side, while former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took an early lead for the Elephants. But today, all eyes are superglued on New Hampshire for the pivotal second stop for voters. Cue the pep band.

The race has even spilled over into Hip-Hop, with artists taking sides in the political fray. Wyclef Jean and Master P have voiced support for Obama. Meanwhile, 50 Cent is riding with former first lady Hillary Clinton, who also received a cosign from uber-producer Timbaland in March through a fundraising bash that earned more than $800,000 for the New York senator's campaign.

But just which way would the ballot bounce in the rap realm? We've got an idea. Scouring through rhymes of lyricists new and old, KING-Mag.com ponders the presidential hopefuls' poll positions in the hip-hop world. Step into the voting—not recording—booth.

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

"They say that my projects should undergo therapy /We never voted, we votin' for Oprah, Obama, and Eric B.”
- Ghostface, from "Toney Sigel a.k.a. The Barrel Brothers” (2007)

"Why is Bush acting like he tryin' to get Osama? / Why don't we impeach him, and elect Obama?”
-Common, from Jadakiss' "Why (Remix)” (2004)

"More like a black Democrat runnin' 'em out of office / Young Barack Obama, I'm all for it”
-Juelz Santana, from Lil' Wayne's "Black Republican (Freestyle)” (2007)

"Dear Obama / Comma / First off, this is truly an honor / I'm a supporter, I wanted to say / how strongly I believe in your bipartisan ways.”
-Jin, from "Open Letter To Obama” (2007)

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And The Polls Say: 56 percent. Hip-hop's got nothing but love for Barack, word to Heavy D. Get Diddy on the horn for The Oval Office remix.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

"Who ever ain't feelin' me? / Campaigning through the hood like my name was Hillary”
-Rah Digga, from DJ Clue's "Getting It” (2001)

"Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert / I ripped her fuckin' tonsils out and fed her sherbet”
-Eminem, from "Role Model” (1999)

"Hillary Clinton, she my best friend / Even co-signed for that new white Benz”
-Rick Ross, from U.S.D.A.'s "White Girl (Remix)” (2007)

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And The Polls Say: 35 percent. Despite some, um, slight resistance in the Midwest, Hillary's campaign hustlin' put the land of the lost votes on lock.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R)

"Change the flow speed and I'm getting vex / Giuliani you 6-6-6”
-Nas, from "The World is Yours (Remix)” (1994)

"Be good, like no Johnny / Never liked no Giuliani”
-Chuck D, from "Free Big Willie” (1996)

"Guiliani's part of Illuminati / A million minds in one body / designed to decline society”
-AZ, from "We Can't Win” (1995)

"Who shot Rudy? In broad daylight for cash / I woke up this morning and heard the newsflash / They said it happened down at City Hall / He had his wife with him / Five shots from the crowd made him fall”
-Keron (of Screwball), from "Who Shot Rudy?” (1999)

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And The Polls Say:
9 percent. Damn, Rudy. Satan comparisons? Assassination fantasies? In the United States of Hip-Hop, Giuliani would much sooner be exiled than elected.