36mafia1Same Ol' Gs
True, Three 6 Mafia sported sharp Armani tuxedos on the red carpet Oscar night with high-fashion flair: Juicy J set off his black ensemble with an ascot; Crunchy Black made his dark three-piece unique with a grey tie; and DJ Paul was poppin' his collar in a contrasting ice-blue gray penguin suit. But don't be misled by the Academy Award. These Memphis golden boys haven't gone Hollywood. As Juicy J says, "The clothes don't make the person, the person makes the clothes.”

36mafia2The fellas take the same approach when it comes to casual wear. Splashy colors, bold stripes, crisp denim and matching fitteds are the warm-weather uniform for Three 6, a look they personalize with custom grills, chunky watches and some D&G shades. But besides those must-have accessories, they're regular Southern folk, less concerned with inflated price tags and designer labels than pure comfort. "Wipe your shoes down, keep your teeth brushed, and smell good,” says DJ Paul. That, in his humble opinion, is really all it takes to stay fly.