For those disinterested in yoga, consider this: Not only does the age-old pastime increase flexibility, improve moods and decrease cholesterol, it gives us, most important, Porschla Coleman as a pretzel—in other words, the former Star Search–winning model (and Russel Simmons' ex) in all of her limber glory, submitting her body to the cause of self-improvement. Ready to sign up yet?

Story By Laura Leu

Photography by Sarah McColgan

Did Russel Simmons use a pickup line on you when you first met?
No, we met through a mutual friend in Atlanta, and he was really sweet and funny. I just remember sitting next to him, and we ended up talking about yoga. But I don't remember a pickup line at all.

"Hi, I'm Russell Simmons” is a good enough pickup line, anyway. What'd you do on your first date?
We had Indian food and then went to yoga. He's done yoga for 15 years, and I've done yoga too, so it was a happy medium. I didn't feel nervous at all; I was very comfortable. We've been together for 10 months and have done yoga every single day—for an hour and a half—since we met each other.

What's your favorite position to do with him?
[Laughs] I don't have a favorite. All of the poses have meanings to them, so I can't pick a favorite.

Well, what's your bendiest position?
I wouldn't say I'm a contortionist, but I'm pretty flexible. The craziest pose I can do is the Scorpion, which is when you're in a headstand, and you bring your feet all the way around to touch your head.


We'll just take your word on that. Are you worried about being called a gold-digger?
Nope. Because at the end of the day, I know who I am and where my heart is. I made a connection with Russell that people will never understand. No one's gonna get in the way of how I feel about him. People are gonna say what they wanna say, and I can't control that, but I know where my heart is.

Are you typically attracted to elders? You must admit, Russell could be your father.
Well, bottom line, I'm an adult. It's my decision in what I choose to do. Growing up, I was always the more mature one. I've always had this older mentality. I've always played "Mama” in every situation, so it was only natural that I end up with an older guy.

Kimora Lee scares us, and we're not even dating her ex-husband. Have you been closely watching your back?
I don't see a need for that. Unfortunately, I don't have much interaction with Kimora, but the times that I have been around her, she's been extremely sweet and very cordial. I spend a lot of time with their girls, and they're a beautiful reflection of her. I hear rumors that people say about her, but she's been nothing but a doll to me, so I can't say anything bad.

Well, let's just say, in the spirit of competition, you two get in a catfight. Who'd win?
That would never happen, because I would never do that.

How P.C. of you. As a philanthropist, would you say it's better to give than to receive…in bed?
Like I said, through service is where you receive your happiness. You can never give enough.