dtblogpic.jpgNow that I have this new space to express myself I'm like, "What the hell am I supposed to talk about?” (So all you cats take it easy with me as I tighten my blog training wheels.) I pretty much fill my day with talk about what Jay-Z's next move is going to be business wise. Maybe that's the problem with Hip-Hop today, the industry wonders what Jay-Z is going to do rather than work on making or finding the new and improved Jay-Z.
It's not like he ever left but come on, who else do we have to look forward to for some dope perspectives on the way hip-hop is today? Nas is my favorite as well but I'm nervous about how the new generation will take to Nasty. If these long t-shirt wearing hoods don't take the time to do their homework, you think they are really gonna breakdown Nas' complex thought patterns? Eminem is always surrounded by drama but his type of stardom prevents the average hood cat from really understanding his angst. Incredible rapper tho.
These days I'm relegated to old school underground hip-hop.

I feel like I'm a rebel historian when I put on KMD's "Peach Fuzz” and "Plumskinzz” (I'm rocking their Black Bastards album right now). Finding myself to be a champion of all the underground newbie crews like Tanya Morgan and Little Brother. Regardless of all the mud that's been slung about how these types of M.C.s don't have the chops to sell records, they create the kind of hip-hop that helped me make it through the rough and rougher days of junior high, high school and college. I'm still amazed that a kid like Von P from T.M. can flip rhyme styles at the drop of a dime and not spit about guns and all that shit. But don't get me wrong, I love a good DJ Whoo Kid bullet riddled mixtape like the next man, just would like mainstream radio and big budget labels to get more diverse in their hip-hop act selection.

I'm hoping that the Internet will be the great equalizer in leveling the playing field for hot artists. Yeah, the mixtape market is overflowing with garbage and the internet is a wasteland for wackness already but understand how the cream always rises to the top. If you got some hotness, send me one (and I stress one) of your best beats, rhymes, dj mixes/battle cut routines, whatever floats your boat, send it to me. I think the best way to check out your stuff would be to send me a link to your myspace or website. Post it in the comments area and I'll be sure to check it out. I'll mention my favorites in the blog and we'll take it from there. Stay up fam.

Listen to KMD's "Plumskinzz"

Listen to KMD's "Peachfuzz"