Reggie Miller Choke Sign

You know these dudes.

The cats you hear on every mixtape, you hype your peoples on like "Yo! You ain't even up on (insert random name here). Son gone blow!" Said artist proceeds to make a few more stellar appearances on tapes and your anticipation is primed. He even manages to further your belief that his indeed going to make it to the big leagues by mentioning that he's just signed a trillion dollar deal with some nondescript label.

At this point, you're ready... ...and son never drops.

Industry politricks. Lack of work ethic. The inability to leave behind punchlines and craft an actual song. Whatever the reason, that favorite is no longer the flavor of the season. Son of my personal disappointments and those who potentially better make their next move thier best move...or start looking in the want ads.

Doo Wop's whole Bounce Squad

JoJo Pellegrino


Gillie The Kid


We definitely got love for son but can we get an album Pap? Even if he doesn't drop, he got that lifetime endorsement with Gino Green so he'll be the crispiest dude workin' @ the Sprint customer service spot. (Smoking Sessions With Papoose)

Big Kuntry

Being affiliated with one of the biggest names in the game but going virtually unnoticed, Kuntry has an unmatched vocal tone & can spit when he chooses to. The question is...(Read the rest @ The Smoking Section)