KING You've had the Internet going nuts after you called out Kanye and Pharrell for their colorful wares.
BEANIE Let me clear that up. Pharrell got caught up as a victim of circumstances. Plus, that comment was made so long ago. I got instructions from Big Homey to leave that alone. I apologize to Pharrell. But that video [for "Number One”] was nasty [laughs].

Then, a video titled "Beanie Sigel Is Gay, Here's Proof” hit the net, with Peedi Crack freestyling and you, um, backing him up?
Never saw the Peedi video. They can do anything they want with a computer. I don't even fuck with the Internet. I don't have a MySpace page. There are like 30 pages that say they're me, and none of 'em are. People will be like, "I hit you on the MySpace, and you ain't accepted me as a friend.”

As the Roc's "Hired Assassin,” you've indicated that all Hov-haters best beware. Sounds like the Broad Street Bully is back.
Nah, I didn't call myself the Bully, they call me that. Bully came from the Philadelphia Flyers, they rough with it. I am [Sigel].

OK, so slick-talking MCs should be on the look out for Sigel?
I'll put it like this: If there is a nigga on the block running shit, but he got soldiers, anybody who's trying to get at him gotta go through the soldiers first. If people think you ain't got no soldiers around, they'll ambush you. When it comes to the Roc, I'm top gun. Think all those attacks will stop when your new album, The Solution, drops?
I hope it don't, I want to have a little fun.

From KING Magazine's September '07 issue, on newsstands now! 


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