KING The suburban Goth shop Hot Topic now stocks Boondocks apparel. Has Huey finally sold out?
Aaron You mean the same Hot Topic kids who are buying all the gangster rap music? [Laughs] That's part of the business of keeping the show going. We put out merchandise to make it worthwhile for the station to keep dumping money into the show. I hope it gets to the hood; I know I've seen enough bootleg Huey shirts out there.

You were hard on R. Kelly last season. Any more depictions of Kellz on deck?
I try to go in unexpected places. The first season, R. Kelly struck a chord, and we had fun with Gangstalicious, too. The purpose is to poke fun at the audience's world.

Did you realize that the homo-thug Gangstalicious bore a striking resemblance to a certain pink fur–rocking DipSet member?
No, it's nobody. We didn't have enough control over animation to know what he'd look like. Why address hip-hop's softer side? There is so much gayness in hip-hop, it is beyond one person. We do a Gangstalicious Part Two next season where we go further into the issue of gayness in hip-hop. We also have rappers who move in across the street. Flownominal is played by Busta Rhymes; Macktastic is played by Snoop. They are recurring characters.

Pee-pee R&B cats and homo-thug rappers are fair game. But why is Boondocks so critical of BET?
[Laughs] Why are you not so critical of BET?… I'm critical of BET because my mom raised me right. And because Baldwin Hills is not Beverly Hills.

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