OK. I know. It's been forever. Forever and a day, maybe. (Forever and two days?) But I'm back now. Hopefully with some new stuff every once in a while—although today ain't one of those days. Strictly old school. But if there's anything you want to see, just let me know in the comments. I hate when I feel like I'm talking to myself.

Anyway, this is something I've been meaning to post for a LONG time, but I just finally found the necessary photos.

Here's the backstory. Back when I was full-time at SLAM, one of my responsibilities was going out to the NBA Photos offices in Jersey and picking out flicks for the mag. This was something that no one else really wanted to do, but I dug it. Sure, your eyes got tired, and sometimes you had to look at hundreds of shots of a dude who wasn't all that photogenic, but most of the time it was fun. Even if you had to dig through the Jordan file, which took up two or three (or four) big fireproof drawers.

Well, one time I was looking for shots of Rasheed Wallace. And I found a shot of him playing for the Blazers where he was wearing the ACG Air Ptarmigan—a Gore-Tex trail runner. Indoors. In an NBA game. I mean, I know it rains a lot in Portland, but still. And dude was wearing Air Force 1s back in the Bullets days, so I don't know if he just forgot to bring a pair of sneakers to the gym or what.

Anyway, I always remembered the photo, but hard as I looked I could never find it again. Until one day recently when I just decided to do a Google image search of 'Sheed and go through every damn photo online. And yes! I actually found it. I don't think it's the same shot—the one I remember he was driving around someone—but it HAS to be from the same game. So, with no further ado, 'Sheed in ACGs (and a close-up of the shoe in question that I stole off eBay). Gotta love it.

(What makes the whole thing weirder is that it was apparently a road game, so the equipment manager should have brought everyone's kicks. I'll have to ask 'Sheed about it sometime—not that I really expect him to remember anything.)