Marriage can numb the mind. Having a roommate, best friend, jump-off, earner and punching bag (metaphorically, of course) all wrapped in one can really dull the senses. For 26-year-old actress and cinnamon crumb cake Reagan Gomez-Preston, who's been married since she was 19, it seems to have weakened her eyesight. She never saw herself as the fantasy girlfriend to drooling teens who tuned into The Parent 'Hood just to see her. Last year, the black and Puerto Rican mash-up didn't see that she was the only thing hot about the UPN comedy Love, Inc. Hell, the girl doesn't even think she's "hot.” Fortunately, her far-sightedness is offset by her foresight. She knows she's still young, and she's plotting for brighter days in Hollywood. No question, the sun will come out.

We hear you don't see yourself as a sex symbol. What's with the overdose on modesty?
I guess it's something I had to get used to, but my life is the most—I don't want to say it's boring because I love it and it works for me, but like, right now as I'm talking to you, I'm separating my whites for my laundry.

Uh, separating whites?
Yeah, you can't put the whites in with the reds 'cause then the whites will be pink.

Ya don't say. Well, we've got a job to do here. Can you at least tell the KING readers you're separating your underwear or something?
Yes, it's my panties! My pretty, white lace panties [laughs]. But then I'm going to do the dishes and figure out what's for dinner.

You got married at 19. Looking back, are there any regrets about taking the plunge so young?
I see a lot of girls who were working back in the day who are strung out now, or just living that hard life. I feel really blessed because the critical time of my life, 16 to 21, I really could've been out doing the club scene. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there are a lot of fake people in L.A. who just want to take advantage of you, and that could've totally been me. I was lucky to find my husband and his family. I don't regret anything.

No matter your age, marriage takes work. Besides folding thongs, how do you keep the marriage sexy?
You know what I do? I'm not trying to be funny, but I walk around the house naked. I don't do it to be like, "Honey, look at me. I'm over here.” Even if I'm not feeling sexy, when he gives me that look, I could be doing the dishes or whatever, I look down at myself like, "You know what? I am hot!” You don't need all that lingerie anyway; it all comes off at the end of the day.

Amen! Do away with the decoration! Being an actress, do you and Mr. Preston ever role-play Tarzan and Jane, buck-naked?
We haven't done that yet, but if we are going to be married for the rest of our lives, we still have about 60 years to do it.

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