I Love Money 2

Loyalty, honor, trust, I Love Money 2? Apparently you can get all those in a reality show. If you didn't catch ILM2 last night, you missed the dismissal of Black Lips (Onyx). He was booted after failing to throw a challenge in an alliance with the gold team. Immediately called out on his dishonor by his squad, he was sent into the bottom three with "Buckwild” and Leilene.

The whole challenge was based off of the famous Chance and Mr. Boston knockout from I Love New York. Myammee led the green team and Heat led the gold. All Black Lips had to do was lose his boxing match, but being that he went against a girl, losing would have been too obvious.

The Lineup:

Green Team (Buddha, Ice, T-Weed, Milf, Bonez, Myammee) vs. Gold Team (The Entertainer, Tailor-Made, 20 Pack, Cali, It, Heat)
Winners: Buddha, Tailor-Made, 20 Pack, Cali, Bonez, Heat

"Buckwild” hoped that stalling eliminations would save her check from going into the dreaded "box,” but it didn't work. Instead, "Buckwild," Leilene and Onyx were chosen to face the "Pay Master”(ILM2 God). In true VH1 tradition, the bottom three and "Heat” went on a powwow and in true ass kissing fashion, everyone lied to save their ass. Charm School did some good, because Leilene surely charmed the hell out of Heat's lips (Oh that's not what Charm School was for?) Whatever it is that she did, she managed to stay another night.


Winner of the Night: Still Buddha, because they just can't get rid of him. The show should be called I Love Buddha (Hey did anyone see him on the Zane Chronicles?)

I Love Ray J

Up until last night, no one could ever understand what Caviar was saying. That is until she said something about her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and everyone took heed. Genuine, ironically enough, was the fakest female in the house, maybe even the dumbest too because she broadcasted her intentions all over the place. Last night started the first of many challenges; the ladies had to keep Ray entertained via web cam (sort of like taking pictures and sending them to commissary, if your man was in jail). A few chicks rose to the occasion. "Stacked,” in her bodysuit and ballerina slippers, was cute, but not quite a match for "Danger's” masterpiece. (Ray J thought it looked something like Picasso's Guernica, but he liked it…). Cocktail is a go-go dancer, 'nuff said. Blanka, I mean Unique, can sing, but she needs some ginkgo biloba for her memory. Chardonnay, oh Chardonnay. She just brings the competition every episode. The other females are really going to have to step it up! She gives him the best of both worlds, freaky and maybe a little geeky (at times). Come on now she made herself into a banana split while doing a split on top of a bed. She had nuts on her breast. How much more satisfying can you get? Oh wait, did I mention Lil' Hood's a psycho? She probably would have been better on The White Rappers Show because then she would have been in her element with other terrible rappers who think they're gangsters.

The top three ladies won a date on a yacht with Ray. If you hadn't guessed it, Danger, Chardonnay and Cocktail were those three. Tiger Face stole the date, sealing her wine glass at the end of the night at eliminations with a kiss. She didn't even make the first move, Ray did. Sadly though, two women went home (the big shocker of the night): Genuine and Atomic Bomb. Maybe Genuine shouldn't have had all her bellies dancing for him via web cam. And Atomic Bomb was jut boring. Hmm, interesting, both ladies with completely wrong names. The theme of that episode should have been irony.
Winner of the Night: Lil' Hood--she threatened the whole cast and wasn't kicked off.

Interviews with the cast-offs coming soon…--Shamika B. Sanders