Redman is working hard – to get you out of your pants (pockets for those who want keep their pants on) and other far less exciting things like trying to make a return from oblivion, for example. This commando-style club track "Put It Down” receives the standard Timbaland treatment: chirping bits of disco are caught hanging in the air, in other words, think of it like a harmless swoon of space-age debris. It's not entirely clear if this was actually intended to be a club record, a self-serving reintroduction, an excuse to use a Timbaland beat, or all of the above. What's most important, though, is that Redman knows how to greet a vast uniform of complete space (and women) and ends up saying something even half-remarkable, "grown ass hell nigga I don't make gang signs / I flip modes like Rah Digga". His subject matter is infinite at random moments making Red randomly great, at times. Redman better continue looking for nothing because…well nothing could be better, in his case. - Rodney Dugue

Redman - "Put It Down"