Words by Raf Martinez

Here is the premise: if you could sign any new unsigned act to a 360 deal, who would it be?

For those that don't know, a 360 or multiple rights deal is the newest record contract of choice for the music industry. As it was recently described in the New York Times, a 360 deal allows for the artists "to share not just revenue from their album sales but concert, merchandise and other earnings with their label in exchange for more comprehensive career support.” (NYTimes)

The inaugural signing to TSS Records*?

The Cool Kids Totally Flossed Out EP

The Cool Kids are a throwback duo from the Chi, consisting of emcees Chuck English and Mickey Rocks. Relatively fresh on the scene, the Cool Kids introduced themselves to the blogsphere during last month's CMJ Festival in NY. While all of your favorite hipster and hipster-themed sites have praised the Cool Kids for their ‘88 centric fun (yeah, remember when hip-hop was fun) brand of hip-hop, what is popular one day on the net changes with a swift post or some blistering comments from the masses. In many ways, the internet's gage for determining what's popping, is an exact science compared to the major labels who track Myspace friends (whaddup Tila Tequlia) and said blogs as indicators for what's hot.

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