Rick Ross might be the biggest boss who owns a fleet of luxurious cars, but he recently admitted some news that might shock his fans about his driver's license.

In a video that began circulating online on Tuesday (July 27), Rozay reveals that he's in the process of getting his license to push his many whips.

"You own 100 cars and don't have a driver's license," he shared. "But more importantly, I'm filling everything for my driver's license and they ask me, 'Are you an organ donor?' And you know what I said? 'Damn.' If something was to happen to me and they looked inside of me and saw how good my heart was."

Ross added: "Don't let me die just to take my good heart."

Earlier this month, Rick Ross teased his car collection, showing off his old school vehicles, also informing fans that he owns the whips and that they aren't "loaners."

Last December, the Maybach Music Group CEO made an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast and revealed that he has 100 cars. However, he also explained being able to afford such a hefty car collection.

"It's people that question me every day," the Miami native said at the time."'Rozay you got 100 cars?' Yeah I do. And I got 400 acres, yeah I do. But guess what? Somebody just paid me $20,000 to put five of the cars in the front of something just to take some pictures for two hours."

Ross has made it known that he flosses and lives a luxurious lifestyle, but he has a frugal side as well. For example, the millionaire mows his own 200-plus acre lawn to save money. Yes, that's correct. The celebrity face of Wingstop bought his own John Deer tractor to get the job done.

Maybe Rick Ross should launch a financial education course of some sort to help put others up on game.

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