Just in time for the Spring/Summer, Island's favorite island girl is back with "Umbrella”, Rihanna's latest single featuring Jay-Z. Over a hybrid of synthesizers, Rihanna does some weird Cranberries-esque yodeling, singing lines like, "You have my heart/and we'll never be worlds apart/maybe in magazines/but you'll still be my star.” The whole shtick feels like one of those songs fit for the climax scene of a cheesy action flick. And it's the kind of joint that gives radio program directors a headache because take away Jay-Z and you have the makings of a Z100 hit. Put Jay on the track and get ready for constant rotation on Hot97. A savvy crossover move for sure, but Rihanna can definitely do better than this Now That's What I Call Music filler. – Jozen Cummings

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