So, let's just say your woman is one of the 80 percent of females who never have an orgasm during sex. She says she's getting hers, but she's really not. And you know this because every time you're done getting yours, she goes into the bathroom and takes extra long to come back, which wouldn't be a problem, except you keep on hearing a hint of a humming sound. When she comes back out, 20 minutes, later, you ask her if she heard the same buzzing sound you did, to which she replies: "That's just the lights."

To avoid being played like a fool, Lifestyles, the well-known condom manufacturer has developed a new device called the 4Play Vibrating Ring (pictured here). Now you not only have trusted protection, but when used with the battery-powered, pulsating ring device, your woman's frequent post-sex bathroom visits should also come to a halt.

Price: $9.99