Go 'head, use his name as a sophomore-slump punchline—Chingy is doing just fine. So fine, in fact, that in celebration of his third album, Hood Star (gassed by the Tyrese-assisted "Pullin' Me Back”), the 26-year-old purchased his flyest ride yet, a gang-greened Mercedes Benz CLS500. Ever the gear-head, the St. Louis native's whiplash-worthy collection already includes a Chevy Impala, Range Rover ("My Rover alone is worth about $100,000”) and Chrysler 300C.

As expected, with great cars and a platinum plaque come great attention, especially from women. Far from shy, Mr. Ching-a-Ling has no qualms about revealing his two favorite job perks: lavish rides and steady loving. Tag along as Chingy reveals why his cars keep pulling the honeys back . . .-seat-style

KING: This CLS is serious. Describe the modifications you've made.

Chingy: It has 20s on there—they're chrome but with that green in them, and it's got that tan leather interior. The Benz is the latest car I got, but I'm about to get the XK Jag. I'm going to get the hardtop, because that one's better.

What was your first "I've arrived” ride?

I got a '74 or '78 drop-top Caprice with 22-inch Daytons on it. It had graphics on the outside—gray with graphics, and stuff in it: TVs, white leather interior with the sound system in the trunk.

All the hoodrats in the 'Lou must've taken notice. Did you notice a shift with the females?
Well, you know that. Chicks gon' switch it up just because it's there. I know they heard about what was goin' on, so chicks started acting a little different.

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