Makes me wanna Holla! Scream Like Busta!!!Now that I have your attention...Some of you may know me (my beer drinking fliriting scene from the 3rd season of The Wire (that's me in the picture with some of the cast), a spread in this magazine called KING, Remy Martin, etc.) some may not. I'm fairly new to the blogging thing (unless I can get some myspace credit). I've always had a lot to say.....ask my brothers.

When I was first approached about the idea of my own blog I wasn't so sure. After reading a lot of other blogs, I was like I can do this! This wont be a "normal" blog or focused on just one subject. You may be reading this and thinking, ok, she's a KING Model, it's, what else could she talk about but BBNB (Big Boobs and Booty)? Ah Contraire there is so much more to me. To know that you've read this far, lets me know I still have your attention..

So, here's a little about me. I'm from the Washington, DC area, I work full-time for a Government Contractor (I know just about everyone in DC is involved in the Government lol). I model and act part-time. I love kids, feet (we'll touch on that in another blog), old school hip hop and enjoying life. I'm a huge sports fan (ESPN, NFL Network, Comcast Sports, I'm available), I watch everything from football to basketball to hockey (go ahead and ask me to define a hat trick) That's it in a nutshell, with a lot in between.

I love to talk politics, religion you name it, I love to hear other opinions. Like they say opinions are like.... well I'm sure you know the rest. This is just the intro.....get ready for your weekly dose of Lizz (make sure you have a empty stomach)

Live life to fullest... You only get one....

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