Based on previous Web Girl of the Year winners, it's safe to say KING readers' mammary fetish would creep out even deceased cult film director Russ Meyer. Nothing against the notable assets of past champs Lizz Robbins or Khrysti Hill, but our Royal Court has grown wary of crowning another big bust with a smile.
Baltimore native Robin V's cups don't runneth over like our previous trophy winners; they might even make a sixth-grade tomboy giggle. But her heart-shaped love down below is an asset to the Interweb, not to mention that the 27-year-old Miami resident can make a contortionist straighten up with pics of her acrobatic poses on her site. Let's see Donald Trump's Miss Americas pull that off.

KING Web Girl of the Year! That's truly a call-the-parents moment.
ROBIN V: I was in disbelief at first because I would read the comments on and the other girls had more comments than me, so
I thought they had more votes.

You beat the odds. No hanging chads here, Miami girl. How does it feel to wear the crown?
Good. I've been on the Web for a while, and it's a great sense of satisfaction to be acknowledged. What sets me apart from the past winners is that from top to bottom and front to back, I'm a total package: brains, brawn and beauty.

You own another title, "The Queen of the Back Arch.” Talk about that.
My fans gave that tag to me. You know when you have that big "C” curve right above your butt? It's that curve that accentuates my bottom. And it also looks good during sex [laughs].

Great, let's go to the videotape and find out.
No, I've seen it 'cause I've done it in front of a mirror before. That arch is sexy, especially when you're in a position where you're bent over.

A connoisseur of being on all fours?
[Laughs] Doggy-style is the best position in the world.

Have you always been a flexible gal?

What kind of men do you flex with?
Tall, dark-skinned, chocolate men—the darker the better. I don't like the Shemar Moore types. I can't have a guy prettier than me [laughs].

So if Flavor Flav were six feet, he'd get a clock, huh?
No, I don't like butt-ugly dudes. I also don't like pushovers. I've had a few before, and when you're with somebody you really don't care about, you're going to cheat on them. I'm not into hurting people.

What makes women cheat, then?
Men cheat 'cause it's the animal in them; women cheat because there is something missing from the person that they're with. But if you're with somebody that you genuinely like, it won't be a problem. If you like their personality, their sex…

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