Roddy Ricch seems to have one of the calmer demeanors in the rap game, but during a recent Clubhouse conversation, he engaged in a verbal dispute over his street credibility after being accused of "false flagging."

Last night (Jan. 10), Roddy hopped on the voice-only app with hip-hop manager and music executive Wack 100, who also has gang ties, to address claims made by a Compton Crip named Yah-L, who is alleging that Roddy is falsifying his Crip gang affiliations.

"So my thing is, feel me?" Yah-L began. "It's a lot of chatter and I just wanna get it's really going on, bro? It was a lot said."

Before he could go on, Roddy interjected.

"We not gon' do that," Roddy started in vexed tone. "I got phone calls, text messages, I'm seeing on the internet that I'm false flagging. I wanna know what's going on."

Yah-L continued, "Saying that you ain't from the hood, you ain't been to the hood."

Roddy fired back, "You saying I'm not from the hood? Who saying I'm not from the hood? You said I'm not from the hood?"

"I said what I said," the man quipped.

Roddy, now growing agitated, replied, "I'm asking you a ain't see me get put on the black mat?"

Yah-L then said, "Nigga. Three seconds, my nigga, is not a put-on, bro."

"Alright, champ," Roddy said. "Three niggas, put two of ’em down. That ain't official? ’Cause I know homies that ain't get their official, nigga."

At that point, the tone of Roddy's voice elevated to where Yah-L advised the rapper to lower his tone. To this, Roddy responded, "Fuck all that."

The Live Life Fast rhymer went on to ask the man if he's ever touched $1 million. Roddy, who was making a certain point with the million-dollar mention, received pushback from Yah-L once the topic of money was brought into the conversation.

"You ever touched $1 million before?" Roddy inquired. "It's a simple question. You can decline to answer, yes or no. Have you ever touched $1 million before?"

"Is you from Park Village?" Yah-L asked, deflecting from Roddy's question. Park Village is likely referring to the Park Village Compton Crips, founded in the rapper's hometown of Compton.

Roddy reiterated his question, telling the man that he was "talking about another nigga for free."

The Billboard-charting artist went on to list names of friends, presumably some of his day-ones, reassuring that he's remained supportive of them, assists financially with their legal needs and hasn't left them by the wayside.

"Stop it," Roddy exclaimed. "You don't know what it feels like to be in this situation. So until you know what this feels like, you can't talk on none of this shit, bro. You playing internet games on some shit...I don't even know how to use this Clubhouse shit. I had to call Wack four, five times. He calling me. You 30, 40 years old using this app. Nigga, I'm 23. I don't even know how to use this shit, nigga."

Roddy added, "’Cause I'm over here trying to make [the] Forbes [list] again, man. And what are you talking about? You a nigga from the hood, tearing another nigga down that's trying to help other niggas in the hood that don't know nothing about this business. That's what I'm trying to get you to understand, my nigga. You can't speak on nothing you don't know shit about."

Yah-L regained the floor, after Wack 100 intervened, and denounced his direct affiliations with the names of the individuals that Roddy had dropped earlier in the conversation.

Roddy went on to say, "You saying I done got on so far, I'm false flagging. Nigga, I got put on my hood and I was over there every video until [Please Excuse Me for Being] Antisocial was in the hood. The label, Julie Greenwald, called us and told us we doing too much in Compton. Nigga, we gotta go and do videos everywhere else, nigga. That's what happened, nigga."

"Cap, bro," Yah-L told Roddy Ricch. "That's cap. Niggas know what the deal is, bro."

Roddy then insisted the man ask Wack if he was being truthful about his label—Atlantic Records—forcing him to shoot his videos elsewhere, to which Wack 100 agreed.

"We ain't talking ’bout no muthafuckin' industry shit," the man shot back. "We talking about real street shit, my nigga."

"Man, listen," Roddy stated. "I done made $20 million in a year and you think I'm about to be posted up with you, nigga?"

The conversation later reverted back to Roddy getting "put-on," seemingly with the Crips, but Yah-L doubled-down on denouncing Roddy's street credibility and gang affiliations, saying that he isn't "counting a three-second put-on."

Wack 100 took the mic to address both men and said, "It's up there. You saying he false flagging. So, did the nigga get put-on or didn't he? He said he got put-on."

"That's on the dead homies," Yah-L answered. "I ain't counting no three-second put-on, my nigga. If niggas accept that, niggas accept that. It is what it is."

Roddy closed out his argument, saying, "If I'm false flagging, you a false Crip ’cause you just let a false Crip do all them videos in yo hood, pull a ’Rari back up after I had $10-$20 million in yo hood, didn't say nothin'."

Roddy Ricch, who dropped his Live Life Fast album last month and announced that he'll be delivering Feed Tha Streets 3 this year, then left the conversation to care after his son.

Check out the back-and-forth between Roddy Ricch and Yah-L below.

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