Second Round's On Me is like a Flava Flav alarm clock for sleepers, but MTV won't wake up. What happened with them blocking your "Snitch" video?

We actually resolved that situation. We renamed it "Mindstate of a Mobster" and they revised the video. In the original, I got out of jail and went and saw my man for snitching, but in the new version I'm just in jail thinking about how he did me wrong.

The rat gets off, huh? How frustrating.

Yeah, I mean, we shot the video in March and had to hold the album back because of this, so that's definitely frustrating 'cause you wanna have that video out before the album comes out. That, and what happened to Proof. That was the other reason that we had to push it back. But it's cool now, I've got "Cry Now" dropping and "Snitch," so I'm good.

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