In the words of one sportswriter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' flashy, loquacious defensive end Simeon Rice "possesses the speed of a Ferrari and the fearlessness of that Ferrari darting in and around traffic during rush hour.” Shifting into fifth gear and breaking an offensive tackle's ankles en route to a bone-crushing turnover sack, Rice's resemblance to his own 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena is indeed uncanny. A strong but lithe aluminum build, space-age instrument panels, black leather interior and birdlike two-door wingspan—what car could be more suitable for the two-time Pro Bowler who calls himself "Murder for Hire?”

NFL quarterbacks had better take a cue from 007 and toss some steel spikes over their shoulders. With 78 sacks in seven years and a fat contract extension from the defending Super Bowl champs, Simeon has a license to kill, and as we found out when we caught up with him at his off-season home in Phoenix, he's not turning it in anytime soon.