Salli Richardson is the apple of every Adam's eye. The veteran actress is, however, forbidden fruit. As Will Smith's spouse in his latest $150 million blockbuster, I Am Legend, the Chicago native falls victim to ferocious, virus-infected mutants; in reality, though, even flesh-and-body-lusting humanoids couldn't taste this caramel queen.
The biggest hurdle: the rock on her finger. Richardson—whose past rumored romances include Matthew McConaughey and Tupac Shakur—has been married for five years to actor Dondre Whitfield, the father of her 3-year-old daughter. Still, she loves acting out fantasies. In addition to I Am Legend's monster mash, she also headlines the Sci-Fi Network's extraterrestrial-meets-domestic dramedy Eureka. Clearly, her imagination is vast. Odds are the imaginations of MILF-loving men will run wild too.

So, should we assume you're a pretty, ghetto sci-fi nerd, given your roles in Eureka and I Am Legend?
This just happens to be one of those things. But I've always liked books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. When [I Am Legend] came about, the producers of my show were like, "Do you understand? This is a huge cult film.” I didn't get it then, but now I'm entrenched in it.

In the film, Will Smith looked like he was on the Barry Bonds diet.
I had to joke with him that somehow he got that shot in the movie trailer. This is the best physique he's had yet.

You're far from flabby yourself. What's your regimen?
I'm always working out. For a while I was weight training and sprinting. Now I do core [muscle] training with the yoga ball. I have an eight-pack; you'd never know I ever had a baby.

We don't know much about you at all, actually. You seem like the Halley's Comet of the industry.
People think I haven't been working because I'm doing different stuff and not necessarily urban projects. I've gotten into this thing where I'm always playing an attorney, some sort of agent or a wife. I'm looking for edgier stuff, something dirty.