You'll want to have a seat in a chair before you look at Kendra Lachon, our pick for the hottie of the day. She's liable to make you weak in the knees.

Kendra's a girl from Texas who proves that they certainly do grow them bigger down there. Her curves are enough to make a man's eyes pop out of their sockets, so it's not surprise that she's already graced the pages of magazines such as Black Men's, BADD, Seductive Complexions, Shy Girl and more.

You can keep track of this incredible specimen of fine womanhood by following her on Instagram, Twitter, her personal blog and her own personal website. Take a look at a sampling of the pictures she has to offer on social media down below. One particularly enjoyable post from her blog includes a gallery of pictures from Halloween 2014, in which she dressed up like a sexy she-devil, horns and all. Needless to say, this type of titillating display gives us incentive to be more bad than good.

For those of you who become fans or are already fans and have been wanting something a bit more physical from the lovely Kendra Lachon, you can head down to the shop tab on her official website. You'll find an assortment of moderately priced posters featuring some choice poses and outfits. Our pick? Well, let's just say that "X" marks the spot(s) on what we've identified as the hottest poster on the website.