Miss Maliah Michel hails from Los Angeles and is one of the finest proponents of sexual dancing we've ever seen.

Her curves need to be seen to be believed, which shouldn't be too hard since she's starred in music videos for Drake, Sean Kingston, The Game and many more. She was a fan of gymnastics since she was young and decided to put her dance skills to the test when she turned 18 by trying out at a strip club. In her bio, she mentioned being in love with the movie Striptease, so you can see how she might have been influenced.

Another factor in her love of dancing was the incomparable Janet Jackson, whose moves fueled her already-burning passion for movement. Michel said, "I was always obsessed with sexual dancing and the beat of music. I used to watch Janet Jackson, thinking she was so sexy, and wishing I could sing a lick. Instead, I learned every dance move she ever did." Since then, her life has been a whirlwind of dancing and modeling, which is something we can definitely appreciate.

Once she started modeling at the age of 20, she began appearing in music videos and being featured in print magazines. With her website, she's primed to share more of her news, her personal life (and her pitbulls Mickey and Mallorie), her love of fitness and, more importantly, her pictures.

Come become a fan of this curvy beauty on Twitter, Instagram and her own official website.