There's no way we'd ever use "tiny dancer" to describe Miss Ballerina, the curvaceous beauty who's most recently won our hearts.

She's as much a mystery as she is a beauty. She goes by Miss Ballerina, Miss Angelina and even Angelina Ballerina, which we believe is also the name of an anthropomorphic mouse from children's literature. But as you can plainly see, she's anything but mousy. If anything, we'd describe the vivacious Miss Ballerina as a cat, ready to pounce on the hearts of all those who are fortunate enough to have her fill their vision.

As a model, she partakes in photoshoots and has been photographed in many different locales wearing some of the most provocative and eye-catching swimwear, evening wear and even the occasional costume or two. The bottom line is that whatever she's wearing, you'll catch us admiring her form as the clothing navigates the incredible curves of her body. It comes to no surprise that she gets asked to host parties and that her fans venture out to venues like Dream Nightclub in Miami, Florida just to see her.

If you'd like to get a peek of the model and nightlife vixen herself, you can find her at the club at what's been dubbed "Fantasy Wednesdays" by the SE Groupe at Dream Nightclub. What we wouldn't give for a VIP table with her.

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