ilny.jpgLast night's episode of I Love New York didn't give me too much to think about. Usually, amidst the buffoonery and sad pathetic behavior, I see a much larger issue I can expound on, but this week, the only lesson to be learned was actually one these men should've been taught a long time ago.

Apparently New York has a bitch. So the She-Devil made the men break up into teams to make the bitch a house she could live in. Boston, the guy who resembles Doogie Howser without the M.D., was unable to contribute anything because he had not the first clue on how to build a damn thing, which lent me to believe his white priviledge has allowed him to go through life without ever having to lift a hammer.

I guess I wasn't paying close attention to any of the previous three episodes, because while watching last night, I learned two of the contestants - Real (who resembles Rick James to a tee) and Chance (looking like the opposite of T.I. - I.T.) -  are actually brothers. When the She Devil explained to Rick James' twin she is feeling both of them, he said he understood. What pissed me off is why would two brothers actually go on the same show for the same woman? It's bros before hoes, always, yet these two men have clearly lacked an older male figure to tell them this. But as it's been suggested to me plenty of times before, these dudes ain't in it for the ho business, they're in it for the show business.

The show's nail in the coffin was when the She Devil's mom took all the contestants to a service at a local church. Aside from the blatant mockery of the traditions of the black church, Sister Patterson was doing a testimonial like she was doing it for, well, TV. Later on back at the house, Onix (looking like he's on that steroid diet) claimed Sister Patterson was "faking" up on the pulpit. Blasphemy!

Two fellow contestants heard the allegation and went back to tell the She Devil and Sister Patterson. The "heathen" was then eliminated for talking about the She Devil's mama.

It's certainly a sad day in society when men are telling on each other just to increase their chances of bedding an admitted ho. And both men had the nerve to claim they weren't snitches.

The unfortunate thing is, snitching isn't telling on someone just for the sake of telling on someone. Snitching is an agreement, a trade-off of information used by lesser men who would rather throw someone under the bus than deal with the consequences of their own actions or shortcomings. Their rationale - that, if it was their mama who was being talked about, they would want to know too - was weak. Even if it's that woman's mama, you don't go telling tales out of school. That's just not something men do to one another.

What makes it worse is when you go to Vh1's ILNY page and read the profile of the "heathen" who was eliminated last night, you will find he is actually the son of a preacher. This is why real men do not snitch or go telling the authorities about things they saw or heard. Snitching on a situation you barely know about an lead to some unfortunate consequences of which the snitcher was not even aware. After all, would it be too far fetched to think Onix seen a fake Holy roller in the church before? I think not.

God I hope the little ones aren't watching this junk. Someone's going to tell on them.