The new Sony mylo Personal Communicator is so N.Y, it should come with a pair of Timbs. Instead it came with the Wi-Fi capabilities, text messaging, and Opera web browser all at your fingertips. Powered by one of the most popular operating systems, Linux – Windows' long time competitor – mylo (which stands for My Life Online) is a true handheld computer. With a QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4-inch LCD screen display, you can kiss text message typos goodbye and the 1GB of flash memory is perfect for the library of beats you'll be downloading. All the while, the lithium-ion battery allows over 40 hours of music playback and 7 hours of chatting and web surfing. Plus, with a music player supporting WMA, ATRAC, and MP3, you won't be stuck using only iTunes. Ouch! Sorry, Apple.

Courtesy of D-dub @