It looks like Soulja Boy is being thoroughly entertained by Kanye West's messy divorce.

On Friday (Feb. 18), Big Drako hopped on Instagram Live to clown Kanye about how things are working out with his marital split, specifically Kim moving on to comedian Pete Davidson a.k.a. Skete.

"Kanye, wake up," the "Rick and Morty" rapper started. "Skete got your bitch, nigga. What you gon' do? Is you gon' keep posting memes of Marvel versus Capcom. Or you gon' lay the smack down? Lame-ass nigga. That's what the fuck you get, nigga. Nigga tried to play me. Nigga, you know who the fuck I'm is? I'm Big Drako. Now you running around Hollywood crying like a bitch."

It looks like Big Soulja is still salty about Kanye excluding Soulja's verse from Donda and later saying he did it because the 16 was subpar during an interview on Drink Champs last September. At the time, SB was angry about being called out and left off the album. He responded with vitriol.

"Bitch-ass nigga, don't get on a public platform and say different from what you told me to my face," Soulja yelled in a social media video. "Tell me to my face that shit was trash, bitch-ass fucking scab-head-ass boy. Who cut your hair?"

"You not finna baby me with no, 'Soulja Boy is the future,' Soulja added, referring to Ye's statement that Soulja was the future despite the wack verse he turned in. "Shut the fuck up. Nigga, you said my verse wasn't hard, nigga. Who the fuck you think you talking...Everything that come out my mouth is hard, nigga. What the fuck is you talking ’bout, Kanye West? Nigga, your album was trash."

Kanye later extended an olive branch, admitting that he should have been more forthright in a text message he shared with Soulja. Soulja responded, “Love you too bro. That’s all I wanted.” But it appears he is still harboring some ill feelings.

Check out Soulja Boy's video clowning Kanye and his divorce below.

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