PICKUP LYRIC: "You're way too beautiful, girl. That's why it'll never work. You have me suicidal. Suicidal.” —Sean Kingston
MYSTERY'S MUSINGS: Wow, poor guy. That's a man who's, first off, not accustomed to beauty. He does not have sexual access to the hot girl and now he wants to kill himself. I'd say, get out of the house. That's a guy I need to take to boot camp. Or get laid.

PICKUP LYRIC: "I'ma buy you a drank. Then I'ma take you home with me. I got money in the bank. Shawty, what you think about that?” —T-Pain
MYSTERY'S MUSINGS: What do I think about that? Well, I don't buy women drinks unless they're my friends. He's already trying to bounce her out of the club—away from her friends, compromising her comfort level. A man has to have value for a woman in order for her to feel attracted to him. All he's doing is very selfishly trying to bang that girl.

PICKUP LYRIC: "Even though I'm not ya man, you're not my girl, I'ma call you my Shawty.” —Plies
MYSTERY'S MUSINGS: That's cute. I like that. Calling her a shorty is a neg—a statement or action one makes to briefly disqualify oneself from being considered a potential suitor. It shows that I'm used to beauty and that I'm not specifically chasing her.

PICKUP LYRIC: "I'm in the club hollerin' Ay Bay Bay, Ay Bay Bay.” —Hurricane Chris
MYSTERY'S MUSINGS: That is not an effective opener. "Hey, baby” is the equivalent to saying, "You don't know me. I don't know you. But you're hot enough. I'd like to sleep with you.”

PICKUP LYRIC: "Hey, sexy lady, it was nice to know you. But I gotta move on.” —Yung Berg
MYSTERY'S MUSINGS: It doesn't sound like he's getting anything from her. He has low value and can provide very little to her. Except for the fact that if he's singing about it and it gets on the radio, then maybe there's a chance. Is this a famous song? 'Cause I've never heard it.