spread for meIs your spit game heavier than a Skoal-chewing baseball player's?
Kick it at king-mag.com or kingmag@harris-pub.com Three winners will receive Rocawear clothes, 310 Motoring shoes & a new videogame!

Pop quiz for imaginary players: What's the difference between an oxybenzone-heavy sunscreen and one with titanium dioxide? One absorbs light while the other reflects it, dumb asses. Reading the labels and learning the latest tanning jargon is one way to score some beach-blanket bonding time. But how would you help this sunbathing beauty work on those tan lines? Send us your best pick-up line, one that will guarantee you'll be the one smearing Coppertone on that backside, and we promise: Game will recognize game.

The woman pictured here is named Julexa. Click here to find out more about her on KING TV.