At some point I'l write more about the Stephon Marbury Starbury shoes that are being sold at Steve & Barry's University Sportswear. For now, it's enough to note that it's awesome that an NBA player will be sporting a signature shoe that retails for $14.99. Hopefully the shoes (and Steph's ankles) survive.

But this is funny—I went over to the Steve & Barry's in Manhattan Mall yesterday to see if I could find a pair of the Crossovers, the $9.99 Air Force 1 knockoff, to see how they wore, and compare them to my own pairs of Air Forces.

Well, I failed. The biggest size they had left, in either all white or all black (the only colors they offer at the moment), was a boy's 3.5. Everything else was gone. And there's even a two-pairs-per-person limit right now. Guess they're doing OK so far.