You're far from shy on camera. Tell us a juicy secret.
I am addicted to masturbating.

Didn't mean for you to take that so literally.
I think I really have a sex problem. I've tried to stop doing it and feel guilty as hell after I come - especially when I look in the mirror. That's kinda juicy, right?

Is that a rhetorical question? Maybe you should consult a sex therapist?
I just like the way it feels when I nut. I can go without sex, but I can't go without touching myself. Wait has my interview started already?

Oh, stop it. We've already seen you topless.
So what did you think of them?

They're a handful [laughs].
Damn skippy! Now that I think of it, didn't you feel one?

My memory is shot from habitual weed smoking. I'd be happy to reenact the situation to jog my memory, though.
I ain't scared.

This interview is over.