Lloyd Banks knows porn tapes like Lil' Kim knows prude behavior. He's never strained his corneas in an effort to make out Spice Channel movies through static-ridden televisions. Nor has he ever surfed the ‘net for Vanessa Williams Playboy spreads. Furthermore, the 21-year-old rapper insists that there's only one adult video-still on VHS, nonetheless-in his collection. "I've been watching the same porno for, like forever,” he says, shrugging his shoulders. "It looks like it was shot in the 1960s.”

Ironically, the G-Unit MC was presented with the opportunity to direct a new interactive title, Groupie Luv, for adult film company Digital Sin. But if the last adult film he saw featured middle-aged women with teased hair, how can Banks produce a relevant film? Well, what he lacks in porn-speak he makes up for in personal experience. Groupie Luv, which started filming in early February, will depict sexcapades between artists and fans-a subject Banks knows intimately: "I know every possible scenario-the back of the vending machine in the hotel lobby, the hotel staircase, on an elevator going up, in a car, on the tour bus, outside, backstage in a locker room…”

His libido has even gotten him into some compromising situations on the set of Groupie Luv as Banks confesses that he was nearly caught giving a little too much love to one of the extras in a nearby bathroom. "I forgot my microphone was on,” he laughs. Then, in a sheepish attempt at self-defense, he adds, "It's kind of hard to watch adult entertainment all day and not be tempted.”