If you've ever seen Cameron Diaz in person, you know Hollywood has a way of making things look better than they really are. This is especially true when it comes to strip clubs. No C-section scars or bad weaves on the big screen. That's why we went to an expert on the subject, Big Boi, to find out which flicks best capture the world of clear heels and shattered dreams.


Pole Position: A female steel worker (Jennifer Beals) moonlights as an exotic dancer. Oh, what a feeling!

Big Position: "The whole strip dance with the water was super sexy. When she dropped the water down and caught the [hard] nipples, that was kinda the height of the whole thing. It was very intense and she was really into it, but she was dancing like it was ‘Rhythm Nation.'”

Rating: 3 clear heels


The Players Club (1998)

Pole Position: LisaRaye uses what she got (her body) to get what she wants (a college education).

Big's Position: "I think Players Club is probably the most authentic, because it was based on the life of the strip club, from the girls in the dressing room to the seedy happenings in the club. Lisaraye aint get buck-naked, so that takes a little away, but the realest was when Chrystale did her part. That's some real vicious ass-shakin' goin' on.”

Rating: 5 clear heels


Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Pole Position: Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), who's "on vacation,” takes a pair of Beverly Hills' finest to get "coffee” at a local strip club and winds up foiling a robbery.

Big's Position: "That's not really what I'm used to. I ain't really see that much skin in that scene; it was really based on the robbery. And I ain't never been in a strip club where they held up everybody. They can't do that out here, 'cause you might get ya head tore off.”

Rating: 1 clear heel